Hello my fellow bloggers and readers alike, and welcome to ShantiCat. My name is neither Shanti nor am I a cat, but decided last night while lying in bed to create a site to share and discuss ideas about healthy and happy living for all. Truth be told, there has been an issue in my life that I’ve had to tackle, and I’m still tackling as we speak, though in an “in flowy pajamas in bed” sort of way rather than a “listening to Eye of the Tiger and doing girl push-ups” sort of way. As we all tackle at some point in our lives.

So I thought to myself, why not share my thoughts and try to help people as we work through these things together. After all, I had my fair share of good vibrations from bloggers who sent a little of their own positive spirit in my direction, and now it is time for me to give back. I’ve always had an interest in spirituality and, up until recently in my life when I had to tackle this issue in a different way, have been the number one devotee of that great power, the power of positive thinking.

And so my friends, I will post my thoughts, but I would love to hear yours, and to hear your comments and questions and lessons. Because we all learn and love better when we have each other’s thoughts to guide us along the way! Peace and love to you all.